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Young Puck Moroccan Clay Face Wash Puck


Wash Gently with 3 Clays plus Grapeseed Oil to Preserve Your Youthful Look


An all natural blend of clays crafted into this gentle Mask Wash Puck. Pink Moroccan clay, rose kaolin, and exfoliating  helps smooth and tight­en skin and pores delicately, and re-bal­ance pH to ease sensitivity. 

Sea clays and kelp help absorb impuri­ties, sebum, and dirt that can live on skin and in pores. This can weigh down your look. Bentonite clay helps remove un­wanted oil and helps skin produce less. 

A gentle blend of nourishing oils and shea butter form the base to help pre­serve, protect, and soothe your skin’s barrier. Apple cider vinegar and essen­tial oils help bring an astringent clean and glow.

FACE Young Puck Moroccan Clay Mask Wash Puck ANTI-AGING category: young to old and most all skin types will enjoy this sumptuous serum loaded with actives to help keep skin firm, glowing, and young-looking.

INGREDIENTS: Coconut oil, RSPO palm oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, apricot kernel oil, sea clay, bentonite clay, Moroccan clay, activated charcoal clay, kelp powder, shea butter, water, apple cider vinegar powder, sodium dioxide, lemon and neroli essential oils, virgin hempseed oil, cannabidiol.

4 OZ Puck Bar

“In youth we learn. In age, we understand.

Young Puck Moroccan Clay Face Wash Puck