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Aura Authority All Natural Celestial Body Scrub

All natural, gentle body exfoliation, plus humectant sugar

Aura Authority All Natural Celestial Body Scrub with jasmine essential oils and tropical extracts: Natural ingredients make for the kindest and most-effective body scrubs. Perfect for your whole body (lil too much for that gorgeous face!). Wonderful before shaving to get in nice and close.

Experience the difference quality ingredients make, and remove what weighs you down: Body. Mind. Spirit. Remove the dull, dry layers of skin to reveal fresh, glowing skin. Sugars help draw in moisture while essential oils invigorate and help stimulate circulation - all while still being kind to your barrier level.

INGREDIENTS: Organic non-GMO sugar, ancient mineral sea salt, vegetable glycerin, local raw honey, Shea butter, sweet almond oil, Vitamin E Non-GMO, jasmine essence, phthalate-free fragrance oil.

6 OZ Jar | All Natural | Locally Sourced Ancient Sea Salt & Honey

Organic Sugar is Vegan

Reach for the Stars & You Might Just Become One.

Aura Authority All Natural Celestial Body Scrub