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Lavanilla Clarity All Natural Mineral Bath Salty Bag


Sweeten Up Your Mood with a Hint of Vanilla in Your Lavender

Luxurious Bulgarian lavender helps you relax and de-stress and natural vanilla sweetens you up.

Dive in to an all natural, skin-soothing soak loaded with ancient mineral sea salt from the Great Salt Lake. Plus, we roll in magnesium sulfate to maximize muscle relaxation and add softening oils and responsibly-sourced mica colors.

Take your TIME and recharge mentally while you decompress that physical stress. Locally sourced. Made by women with generations-old recipes.

INGREDIENTS: Ancient mineral sea salts from the Great Salt Lake, magnesium sulfate, rice bran oil, Bulgarian lavender essential oils and natural vanilla, vegetable-derived polysorbate-80, responsibly sourced mica coloring.

BIG 25 OZ Resealable Bag

Deep breath. get present. ask yourself: "What is important THIS very second?"

Lavanilla Clarity All Natural Mineral Bath Salty Bag