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Ghana Wanna Refined Shea Butter Jar



You can not only support She for Shea: you can enjoy the many remarkable benefits of refined, pure, cold-pressed clean shea.

This four ounce tub provides a $3 contribution to our She for Shea initiative, and you can slather that shea anywhere your skin, hair, or lips need softening, calming, repair, and more. 

Unscented. Cold-press cleaned to preserve nutrients.

*** THIS ITEM MELTS EASILY. Keep lid on tightly when not in use. If your product does melt (typical melt point is as low as 87 degrees F), you can simply lie it flat on a countertop in a cool room or in your refrigerator until it's reformed. Texture may change slightly if product has been melted, but the product will not be degraded. Any granules will melt on contact with skin.

The fats in refined shea can feel slightly "textured" or graining. It's due to the high lipid nature of the butter and is normal and natural, and will melt into skin as you apply and the product becomes warm.


INGREDIENT: Refined shea. 

4 OZ Low Profile Jar | Natural Shea Scent | Single Ingredient: Refined Shea

Ghana Wanna Refined Shea Butter Jar