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Friend of Shea Membership 2021


In an effort to help support our friends at the Global Shea Alliance (GSA), AMBITCHOUS is offering the opportunity for Connectors and Customers to become a Friend of Shea in 2021. This membership isn't just an important and lucrative donation to the GSA, it's also helpful things that help YOU promote the Initiative.

Just $10 gets you a 2021 membership to our AMBITCHOUS FRIENDS of SHEA Program.

For the year of 2021, Friends of Shea will receive:

  • this adorable bag
  • 25 Ghana Wanna 4x6 Promotional cards (to help you share the story!)

You can feel great about becoming a Friend knowing ALL profits from your sign up will go to the GSA to help them support their annual operational costs.

This is a non-commissionable item. 

Friend of Shea Membership 2021