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Tumbled Dalmatian Cube Stones for Belief


Protection Spiritual & Physical Travel | Discernment

Yellow Jasper Round Palm Stone

A stone with a very strong protection energy: Yellow Jasper connects with the vibration of the wearer to assist in the balancing of energy. A nurturing and healing stone that will bring you wisdom and courage. It's revered as a talisman of discernment and protection that will guide you on your physical and spiritual journeys. Yellow Jasper will bring your life clarity, enthusiasm, and optimism. Yellow Jasper is great for protection during spiritual work or physical travel.

ALIGN Yellow Jasper Palm Stone to Protect and Build Courage

Stones are round and vary in size from about 1" - 1.5".

Stay close to people who make you feel the sunshine.

Tumbled Dalmatian Cube Stones for Belief