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Black Tourmaline Spike Pendant with Silver Decorative Cap


Blocking, negativity repelling, grounding, pushes away negative energy so you can foster positivity.

Powerful crystal for protection against negative energy by warding it off, allowing you to focus on the positive and stay grounded. One of the most popular stones, its powers help you remain calm, destress, and focus with its positive energy.

Wear Black Tourmaline to ward off negativity and bad vibes wherever you go. Keep it in your room and workspace to protect and shield you day and night.

Use Tourmaline in your non-dominant hand while meditating while putting another crystal of power in your dominant hand while you meditate. This will help you get more intense focus and channeling of the energies you need most. Sunlight will always help recharge and clean any crystal.

Fun and powerful clearing pencil-pendants with a decorative silver cap. Each pendant is 1" - 1.75" tall. Natural stones will vary.

Add a chain or cord. ** SOLD SEPARATELY **

Black Tourmaline Spike Pendant with Silver Decorative Cap