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Green Onyx Tumbled Stone: Hope & Wise Decisions


Hope | Courage | Positivity | Wise Decisions | Luck

Green Onyx carries or growth, abundance, and material success. It will bring you energies of youth and fertility. It will also strengthen your sense of balance, your physical endurance, and the bonds of your friendships.

Green Onyx has a very soothing element that will be greatly beneficial during challenging or stressful times. It will give you relief from your physical, emotional, and mental stresses (why it's such a powerful story for Mercury in Retrograde).

It will help you see clearly and feel grounded even in difficult situation. It possesses a unique charm that will make you feel safe and secure.

ALIGN Green Onyx for Hope Courage Luck and Wise Decisions: It will stimulate your imagination and creativity.

Having Green Onyx in your life will give you a boost in self-confidence, which will result in better decision making and emotional stability.

.5" - .75" | Stones are natural and will vary. 1 - 2 pieces based on size | SOLD SEPARATELY

“Wisdom makes decisions today that will still be wise tomorrow."

Green Onyx Tumbled Stone: Hope & Wise Decisions