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Crystal Quartz Lingam Pendant in Silver


Align Your Chakras: Wear Crystal Quartz Daily

Wear the power of Crystal Quartz.

This beautiful lingam pendant features a hand-crafted, polished stone wrapped in a band of silver. This classy pendant can be worn short or long and is perfectly versatile for any look.

A lingam is a phallic Hindu sign for the god Shiva and his bold strength. It brings additional powers to the aligning qualities already provided by Crystal Quartz.

Align your life and chakras with more Crystal Quartz. A perfect way to reset and create the perfect spring mindset of renewal, rejuvenation, and clear paths.

1" - 1.5" tall | Stones are natural and will vary in shape, size, clarity, and color slightly. Sold separately. Pendant only. Add a chain or faux leather cord.

Healing is an art. It takes time. It takes practice. It takes love.

Crystal Quartz Lingam Pendant in Silver