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hearts are with
Women in Business
Across the Globe

BODY. MIND. SPIRIT. It's all Connected

AMBITCHOUS doesn't JUST believe in better goods.
We LOVE to connect our entire ecosystem to better each other.
Meet our SHE FOR SHEA Project.

Since 2017 the HBIC, Ann Dalton: THE HBIC, has pursued her shea passion by working with the GSA (Global Shea Alliance) to help bring more sustainable and more lucrative business opportunities to the Shea Belt.

Adopting, and supporting the building of a Women’s Shea Cooperative in Gizaa Gundaa, Ghana: the She for Shea Initiative is the connecting of supply chains, and sisters across the planet.

Love of Shea & Women
in Business

Gizaa Gundaa
Community Women's Shea Cooperative

Sisterhood through Supply Chain for
Mutual Success

100% Natural. Our Lip Lover tin features raw shea and a blend of oils including a subtle lavender and peppermint flavor. $1 from each purchase is donated to help support our Gizaa Gundaa Community.

Sold out
Women Supporting Women.


Shea is a powerful element of our supply chain:

• 21 countries in Africa, naturally produce shea trees (vitellaria tree)

• 16 million women depend on income from the shea produced

• Currently, only about half of the shea in these countries is collected & used

• Shea is a key source of income for rural women in many of these 21 countries

This is what business
is REALLY about...

I love and believe in women entrepreneurs passionately. To be able to connect our supply chains with women and an ingredient so beloved in our bold line, is the perfect fit for our AMBITCHOUS mission!

The hardworking women in Gizaa-Gundaa are a delight. Their passion for their shea business has already far-surpassed expected shea production in their short time in operation in their new facility. It’s inspiring, and exciting to continue working with them through our She for Shea initiative.

Our relationship with will this community continues to improve the lives of 600 plus women in the cooperative, and not just a season, but for years to come.

Now that the facility is up and running, we look forward to helping providing this community with more equipment, infrastructure, and life-improving projects to help keep them successful.

THANK YOU for supporting She for Shea and our village in Ghana. We’re doing some pretty important work. We’d love it when you get involved.

Ann Dalton


A strong woman stands up for herself.
A stronger woman stands up for others.

Currently, over 600 women and their families
benefit from vastly improved work conditions, business opportunities, and increased incomes thanks to the creation of this Cooperative and the warehouse and processing center.

From the hands that make the shea

Dagbani is the native language of the Gizaa-Gundaa community. While we didn’t always find it easy to share words, we definitely understand one another. 

The leadership of the shea cooperative shared with us the name they have chosen to represent their Co-Operative:

YURLIM the Dagbani word for love, will, and wish.

The world is a small place. What a profound reminder that we’re all in this together and strong women united in a purpose will always make a difference. She for Shea can bring our commonalities and hearts together.


Community pickers will earn an average of double their prior annual income. Processors will earn an average of 4X more.


On average, the village has been able to increase shea income 11X annually.

The collective receives valuable business training & support as well as safety skills.


The Cooperative is taught helpful work and sustainability skills to ensure income today and for the future.

Support agencies, businesses, and NGOs help bring the shea to market bypassing the middlemen to maximize income for the Cooperative.


The community learns valuable business and life skills to improve their lives.