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Pooll FAQ's

What is Pooll?

Pooll is the new platform Ambitchous is using for all things connecting. You will be able to create customized links to specific products, as well as a custom shopping experience for your customers! You’ll also use Pooll to get sign-ups under you, get paid on commissions as well as the opportunity to earn a piece of the monthly Ambitchous Pool.

How do I get started on Pooll?

To sign-up, simply click on the register link from any of your fellow Ambitchous friends, leaders, anyone already on Pooll.

Am I stuck with whoever I sign up with forever?

No! The unique thing about Pooll is that link clicks determine who the customer is connected to, and these can change by simply clicking on someone else’s link. If you continue shopping/ selling with Ambitchous and don’t click on anyone else’s link, you are cookied to that individual for 60 days. After that, you will either re-cookie to them or move to a new person whose link you selected. 

How do I keep my circles growing then if people can move?

Although people have the option to move, we hope you will keep those relationships strong and consistent and keep people under you- we will be launching a mentoring incentive program at a later time to support these actions, but until then, it’s all about the relationships and positive interactions.

Will I still be able to use my Dashboard?

Though you’ll still be able to track rank accolades and the incentive, Pool has a phenomenal dash to track your circles, orders placed and commissions. The Dash will remain available for training and other uses as we move forward.

What happens if someone placed an order before I joined Pooll? Do I still get credit on Pooll?

As we get everyone on the Pooll platform, we will move orders over. Don’t stress too much if you aren’t seeing an order yet that was placed without a Pooll link, it will take us a few days to shift everything over.

What is the best way to learn about the platform and how to use Pooll?

Once you have signed up for Pooll, start by watching the quick and simple tutorial video that can be found on the bar in the upper left corner under under “Tutorial.” 

How can I see orders placed and details about who are in my circles?

Use the “Influence” tab to check out how many are in each circle and high level details. To see more information, click on the Ambitchous logo for more details and order information.

Can I still get paid using the old commission payout method?

No- in order to get paid moving forward, you must connect your Venmo account to Pooll. To do this, go to settings and fill out the account information by August 31.