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The Power of the Palm Stone

Palm stones are one of the easiest ways to align your spirit with the energy you want to attract. Simply holding the stone creates a powerful shift in your emotional state, and will give you a moment of calm to connect with all the right energies.

These stones are small and beautiful. We recommend you keep one with you at all times either in your pocket or purse: then you have it handy when you need it! Its energy can also act as a guide that will help you stay in tune with your intentions. Not sure how to use your stone? Here are some ideas:

ALIGN Black Obsidian Psychic Cleanser and Negativity Shielding Palm Stone


What’s the difference between a palm stone and a worry stone? Worry stones are generally a little smaller and have an indentation for you to rub your thumb into. A palm stone is generally a little bit larger and more flat or smooth on both top and bottom.


Pair Your Palm Stone with Your Intention

Consider the powers that would help you most, and choose that type of stone. If you’ve never tried a palm stone and are new to them, you can start with a universal power like a rose quartz (self love, acceptance, warmth, and kindness for all) or crystal quartz (master healer with the ability to charge and power all Chakras and other crystals).

You can also search for a very specific crystal power you need most often: sunstone to help you face fears, or smoky quartz to help you block negative thoughts and focus on positive forward-looking changes – just to name a couple of ideas.

Choosing the right stories will help you get intentional with your meditation, focus, and realignment when you get out of focus.

Meditating with Palm Stones

Getting to a mindful state isn’t always easy, but it IS very important. Meditation is critical to your mental and physical well being. If you find it difficult to focus, your palm stone can help.

Meditation – even briefly – each day will help you create a better sense of balance. These stones that fit comfortably in your hand will help. Crystals cleanse the mind of chaotic thoughts and doubts so you can more fully immerse yourself. You can also use them as a visual and touch point to focus on to help your mind to keep from wandering. Even five short minutes can help you cleanse your mood, improve your sense of confidence, and find more perspective and balance.

More Restful Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Many things can disturb your rest. From too many thoughts to settling your energy, your palm stone can bring you peace and help you sleep more easily.

Negativity blockers such as tourmaline or a smoky quartz can help you calm, while crystal quartz can bring you quiet peace and healing. Set the stone under your pillow, on a nightstand near you, or even hold it in your non-dominant hand while you drift off to sleep.

Exercise with Your Stone

For an added boost of energy in your exercise routine, bring along your palm stone. Hold it in your hand as you run, or use it in a pre-workout meditation. Clearing and opening will help you prepare to exert all of your strength in your physical activities.

You can use it to help you achieve better endurance as you align, free yourself from the weight misalignment, and help block negative energies that can hold you back.


We all need protection from negative energies. Carrying a palm stone with you always will help absorb and ward it off, and help you feel shielded all day long. Keep a blocking power with you in your bag, in your car, and other places you spend time to serve as a protecting power from the unexpected.

Self Love & Forgiveness

Two of the most important energies you can fill your spirit with are self-love and forgiveness. Remind yourself that you deserve moments to revitalize your mind and soul. Focus on your palm stone to remind yourself that you are being too critical of yourself, and allow the energy of forgiveness to cleanse you of those judgements.

Rose quartz, carnelian, and rhodonite are particularly powerful ways to preserve your best sense of self, self-love, and self-preservation.

Palm Stones for Future Vision, Planning, and Journaling

A therapeutic means of releasing pent up emotion, gaining perspective, and putting yourself back on your desired path is to write, vent, dream, and be AMBITCHOUS in a journal. It’s so important for you to express YOUR truths and breakthrough self-judgements. Writing them down with focus and the power of your palm stone will help you fulfill your best, and truest self-desires.

You can see the powerful uses a palm stone can bring your BODY, MIND, and SPIRIT. Be sure you have the right tools with you daily and let these crystals help you achieve a more full, focused, mindful, and intentional life each day.