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BOINGER Keychain in Silver with Green & Ruby Feldspar


Connection | Expression of Love | Passion | Bliss

These delightful keychains feature a "slinky" style cage that lets you carry your favorite stones with you anywhere you go.

This keychain is silver with a large O ring, and stretchy or "BOINGER" cage. Simply pull both ends to drop out or pick up a stone. 


Ruby in Feldspar is a powerful heart healer, heals and balances emotions, and helps fire up the expression of love. It can facilitate passion and bliss. Also helps increase concentration, courage, and is protective of your home.


Size is approximately 1" - 1.5" and will vary as will included black tourmaline stone.

Use to clear and neutralize negativity leaving your path and destiny open to the best and brightest of possibilities. 

BOINGER Keychain in Silver with Green & Ruby Feldspar