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10 Reasons to Add Vitamin C to Your Routine

Why & How to Use a Vitamin Serum

Serums are lightweight based formulas loaded with potent levels of actives skin on your face, neck, and decolletage need to look their best. Different serums will feature different actives. These serums are best applied on freshly washed, dried, and toned skin before moisturizer, oils, etc. Many are used at night, while some are recommended night and day. 

Serums are the perfect way to boost the look, glow, and day-to-day health of your face and neck. Everyone should add some to their routine.

Vitamin C is one of the most popular actives sought out in the beauty space. Quality Vitamin C serums can contain so many benefits, it's a must have for nearly EVERY type of skin.


Why Vitamin C?

Our potent, pure GLOW STEADY 20% Vitamin C Serum is just what every face wants to help preserve natural skin glow, even tone, plus get gentle astringent and exfoliation. The elasticity-improving benefits along with a more smooth, and even-toned look also make it an anti-aging favorite. Our natural blend uses a stable sodium ascorbyl phosphate with MSM (the PERFECT way to get a stable, effective form of Vitamin C), plus a botanical hyaluronic acid and gotu kola for maximum humectant moisturizing - and we do it all at a great price.


1. Most skin types can use and love it without issue or concern.

Vitamin C isn't just effective, it's gentle. It has a low incidence of irritation for most people, and can be effectively used up to twice a day. If you have sensitive skin, and still want potent actives, Vitamin C is a great place to start. Try Glow Steady on the inside of your arm, and ease into daily use on face. 


2. Hydrating

Glow Steady is a great way to add extra hydration. Mildly astringent, Vitamin C gently helps remove top dull layers of dead skin to open up the fresh layer and maximize the humectant effects of the botanical hyaluronic acid and gotu kola plant: both known to draw in maximum moisture into the skin.


3. Brightening

Perhaps the best-loved quality of a potent Vitamin C is its ability to help you GLOW. Keeping the top layers of skin fresh and gently exfoliated helps keep oils better balanced, pores tighter, and dirt or impurities off of the skin. When the healthy layers are living "on top" - YOU GLOW!


4. Reduce red and even out skin tone

Because it reduces dead layers and can help stimulate circulation under skin, Vitamin C is a friend of all those discolored and uneven areas that can plague your face. Regularly using a potent Vitamin C will help you reduce the redness that can "pool" in unwanted areas, and keep skin tone looking more even. 


5. Helps fade hyperpigmentation

Things like too much sun, cranking out babies, and generally frustrating genetics can give some hyper-pigmented areas on the face. Keeping those healthiest layers exposed, and consistently not "allowing" pigment to be as "built up" in the top layers can produce a fading appearance. Again, consistency is your friend, and NEVER forget your sunscreen - but many find Vitamin C a powerful ally in keeping hyperpigmentation to a minimum.


6. Reduce under-eye dark circles

AND, more color correction! If dark circles are a battle you fight with your under eyes, try Glow Steady. Vitamin C is often sought out to help reduce this common plight. Poor circulation, tired lifestyles, age, and those darn hereditary qualities are all reasons dark circles can occur. The potent antioxidants, circulatory benefits, and exfoliating properties of Vitamin C might help dramatically improve the look of annoying dark circles. Consistency is your friend! Use it twice a day, every day!


7. Promotes collagen production 

Collagen does SO many things to keep our bodies and skin healthy. Over time, our bodies produce less and less and you can oftentimes SEE the effect. Boosting collagen with a quality multi-peptide supplement is a great idea. Boost it all even more with Vitamin C!

A topical Vitamin C for face and neck can further foster collagen production in skin and the "elastic" effect it can have. This means skin looks tighter, healthier, and younger as fine lines and wrinkles can be diminished.

Collagen Peptide Complex Bag

8. Help reduce "skin sag"

Are you sliding? DON'T LET IT HAPPEN! That same collagen production stimulation that can help improve skin's elasticity also helps skin stay "up" where it was meant to be. As collagen production is stimulated, and top layers stay healthy and free of dull, dead layers the bounce and more youthful appearance of the skin can be supported with use of Vitamin C.


9. Protect against sun damage

Rich in antioxidants, quality Vitamin C can help preserve skin when exposed to the sun and the harmful UVA / UVB rays that can damage and deteriorate the look of your skin. When used in combination with a 25 or higher SPF, you can maximize the protection you give your face - helping you preserve a healthy and younger look.


10. Soothe Sunburns And Irritations

Skin's barrier can be delicate. Because it promotes cell regeneration and is so gentle, Vitamin C like the potent levels found in Glow Steady can help your most fragile skin look and feel calm, healthy, and soothed. Carefully applying the aloe-based and Vitamin C loaded serum to light sunburns or other areas that appear irritated, can help ease and soothe. 

Vitamin C serum is typically applied once or twice per day. A good rule of thumb is to cleanse, tone, apply Vitamin C serum, and then moisturize. If you're new to serums and looking to start with the most gentle basics, Glow Steady is a great place to start. Don't forget: consistency is the key, and using a potent Vitamin C serum on clean skin daily will product the most visible benefits. A little goes a long way! Find incredible quality and value in Glow Steady from AMBITCHOUS.